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Visiting Fenestration Asia

Why Visit

Fenestration Asia, part of the BAU Network, is the leading exhibition and conference for the façade industry in Southeast Asia:​

Whether you are involved in designing, manufacturing to construction, Fenestration Asia provides product and service solutions to all facets of your façade needs.​


  • Architects​
  • Builders​
  • Contractors and Traders​
  • Developers​
  • Engineers​
  • Glaziers​
  • Interior Designers​


  • Glass Refiners​
  • Glass Suppliers​
  • Manufacturers of Alternative Energy Generation​
  • Manufacturers of Base Glass​
  • Manufacturers of Façade and Façade Engineers​
  • Manufacturers of Processed and Refined Glass​
  • Manufacturers of Windows, Doors and Gates​
  • Metal Constructor​
  • Plastic Processors​


  • Manufacturers of Glass Production, Processing, Refinement​ and Related Technology​
  • Manufacturers of Measurement and Control Technology​
  • Manufacturers of Tools, Spare Parts and Wearing Parts​
  • Mechanical Engineering Consultants​


  • Associations​
  • Experts in Environmental Technology​
  • Experts in Glass, Glass Processing and​
  • Refinement Technology​
  • Research Institutions​

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